Specialist Network

This system provides the facility access to specialists to assist Local and Global Physicians with Patients Evaluation and Treatment Recommendations. Healthcare Tier system can Leverage this system to Bridge Specialist gap and provide quality Healthcare across the system, as well as the Rural and Underserved Areas.  It provides Controlled and Secured access to Pertinent Patient Medical and Health Records.

Public Private Partnership

ZGMed provides Powerful, Strategic, Evident Based, Sustainable Public Private Partnership (PPP) business Models designed to improve Healthcare Infrastructure, Operations, Quality of Care and Revenue.

The Models Involve:

  • Collaboration between Public institutions and Private Sector participants;
  • Characterized by the sharing of risks, responsibilities and rewards between partners;
  • Guarantees payment of usage charges for Patients by implementation of Health Insurance Schemes;
  • A Win-Win situation for both Public & Private Sector Players in Healthcare, as well as overall Population.